Practical information about StudentUKA in Tromsø

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About UKA

The student week is a culture festival for the students in Tromsø and has a goal to bright up the dark season. The festival will take place from the 17th of February to the first of March 2015. LilleUka will kick-start the whole shebang the 17th and 18th of February before StudentUKA really kicks in. Uka contains all kinds of arrangements as lectures, cabaret, sports arrangements, theme-nights and concerts. All of the arrangements will take place at campus Breivika and Studentsamfunnet Driv. We will have contributors both national and international, with a focus on collaborating with local participants and student contributions. Our goal is to make Norway’s best student week and to do that we need YOU!

UKA Revue

Do you have an inner desire to perform on stage? Or hide behind in the drapes of production? We are looking for YOU! Read more about the revue over at this page.


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LilleUka is a tiny festival for our tiniest friends. It is for the kids in the student kindergartens and is the result of an exciting collaboration between UKA and Samskipnadens student kindergartens. LilleUka is taking place 17th and 18th of February 2015 and will act as the perfect warm up for whats to come. This part of the student week will house different arrangements and activities that are influenced by local contributors. The kids will discover the university in Breivika and make their own mark on the start of StudentUka. The kids will get a unique and exciting experience with the student kindergartens in Tromsø. The information will be updated as soon as we continue working with the project.

Kraft Convention

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Reserve Valentines day 14. february 2015 for a day with high activity, inspiration, enjoying the workout and social gathering. Its a day packed with exciting group sessions, lectures, climbing, competitions and more!
Check out Kraft Convention websites for more information.

Contact Us for general purpose contact with the ‘board’, who is responsible for arranging StudentUKA. with questions regarding participating etc. in the UKA Revue. if you have questions relating to volunteer work for UKA.

UKA History
On the menu to the left you will find writeups about previous held StudentUKA.