Do you want to contribute to arrange the best student week ever?

Volunteering is the heartbeat of StudentUKA. Without amazing volunteers whom donate there time and efforts to contribute there will be no student week. We would love that as many as possible will take part in this circus with us and that YOU will sign up as a volunteer.

As a volunteer in StudentUKA there is an ocean of different jobs to choose from. We need people to rig up all kinds of equipment before the different happenings, to take part in hosting our guests, to be bouncers and have an eagle’s eye over the party and to bring their charm to sales. Where you will be working and the type of event you will work on will vary as we have a lot of different arrangements planned.

The most important thing for us in StudentUKA is that all our fabulous volunteers have the time of their lives! To work as a volunteer should be a rewarding, social and valuable experience. For you to experience this in the best possible way we will arrange volunteer-parties and other social happenings. In addition to gaining new friends and be a part of social happenings will you also receive one guest-list place for one concert, you will be allowed to skip the line at DRIV, you’ll get a goodie-bag and more to come.

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What sort of work can you do?
Bar & Cafè

Do you like mixing drinks, meet new people, smile and have a thoroughly good time, then this is the post for you! Our beloved studenthouse Driv has a total of four bars and we need volunteers to help serve thirsty students under StudentUKAs happenings. Driv is renowned for its high quality bar service and you will receive free training from Drivs own bar staff. In other words, you’ll have a golden opportunity to become skilled behind the bar! If you have any bar experience, especially the liquorbar, this is of course positive but not a requirement. Everyone is welcome, regardless of prior experience.


The rigging crew is responsible to accommodate all the happenings during StudentUKA, be it a concert or a lecture. The group works as technicians, responsible for rigging and setting the stage with the proper equipment (artist supplied) for a flawless arrangement. If you’ve coiled a cable or flipped a light switch, you have the competence required to join this group!

Order and Security

Are you assertive and possess the ability to keep it neat and tidy around you, then this post will suit you quite well! This group has room for all kinds of people, and everyone can serve as an order or security personnel. Their responsibility is to ensure our guests and volunteers are safe, and that alcohol is consumed in a responsible fashion. Order and security personnel assists in any situation where required and has highly varied chores. Driv supplies the proper training. You are required to speak Norwegian, have a clean record with the authorities and be responsible.

PR and Advertisting

In order to make StudentUKA a success, people need to know whats happening! We therefore require enthusiastic people who likes to work within PR and marketing, wishing to profile UKA for the amazing arrangement is proves to be!


If you don’t have any special wishes for a group, we still require your go-ahead spirit, cheerful mood and your ability to do some proper work. Superman (or woman) can be used for any work, be it sociable work like on a stand to help us promote StudentUKA, or practical work like plastering posters or ferry material from A to B. There is always work to be done, and superman will be there to help!


The volunteers in the design section helps decide and decorate the venues at Driv under StudentUKA. Do you miss the great days of art class back at school then this is the proper group for you!

Volunteers to LilleUKA

StudentUKA requires some volunteers for arrangements under LilleUKA on the 9th and 10th of February. LilleUKA is a collaboration with the studentkindergardens aimed at giving the kids and their parents a social happening, to show our small friends around the campus and set the proper mood for UKA. LilleUKA will need some volunteers to help rigging, design, hosting and be superman willing to do the work for a wonderful campus arrangement for everyone! (A lot of students are also parents, you know!)

Volunteer requirements
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must perform between 16 and 24 hours of work hours, distributed between 2 or 3 shifts dependent upon your work type.
  • You must show up on your shift on-time, in a sober condition.
  • You must work the shifts assigned to you as most convenient to StudentUKA.